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Joelle's Cookng Clases

" Cooking Classes,"

Comming up.

Joelle's will Cater Cooking Classes 

at  O.C.C.

In their new facilities..


        Come and enjoy.         

 YOU will learn hands on , with Joelle, 'The Secrets of Cooking..                         

 Wine Pairing,  French Cooking Classes  Hands on at this great  New facility at O.C.C.     

  You will work in teams, cook,       Then all the class sit and Enjoyer each others cooking, with wine Pairing…         

  Menu of the Dishes.These are the preparations we will make and Sample..


      Soup aux Pistou

   Tarte à l'oigon Alsacienne

        Salade de Poire        

    Vol au vent au crevettes 


   Coq au Vin    

 Gratin de pommes de terre à la Jurassienne    

       Haddock al Dieppoise  dieppoise,  garnished with crayfish tails and mussels.               

 Steak de jambon à la normande  



Crème à la Frangipane           

Tarte Tatin 

     Reservations:  315-498-6000

        Monday May1st. 5.30 pm till 9.00pm..      Cooking Classes   $ 50.00      Classes limited to 16 students at a time…..

Bastille Day Menu $45.75